December 2021

Weev launches lead cloud-based SaaS platform for the digital manufacturing process for footwear and apparel industry.

New York, NY., December 6, 2021

During FFANY Market Week, Weev announced the immediate launch of its product that will enable the footwear and apparel industry to develop and produce footwear and apparel with sustainability, transparency, and speed.

Weev is a technology-enabled platform that provides product developers in the footwear and apparel industry with a simplified and holistic solution.

Based on its unique software solution, Weev simplifies and accelerates the way products are developed and manufactured in the footwear and apparel industry. Weev will provide measurable results in time and cost savings and make significant improvements in the quality of collaboration of the global value chain.

"Transparency, sustainability, circular economy, speed to market and industry expertise are just part of what makes Weev unique," says Joanne Stetson, CEO of Weev.

Positive impact on customers

Notable customers have already benefited from using the Weev platform. Faeda and Brington have just decided to adopt Weev globally.

"The platform saves us time, money, and potential bottlenecks in the global supply chain and allows us to be with our customers at all times."

Traditional sample and material books will be a thing of the past, and the new digital technology will enable an agile and seamless workflow.

“We want to empower the product makers by providing transformative connections, relevant resources, and tools in real-time." said the company's CEO, Joanne Stetson. "Weev's mission is to digitize for people in the industry and help make the complex simpler and more efficient."

She went on to explain that Weev will be a leading competitor because "we weave together industry expertise based on a robust materials database, world-class data, useful analytics, highly defined materials visualization and integrated collaboration tools"

Product Availability

As the name suggests, Weev is a product that has been and will be consistently built on customer feedback. The goal of the latest product update is to provide an easy-to-use integrated solution for the industry. Weev understands the nuances and intricacies of the footwear and apparel industry and the solutions in detail.

With a combined 197 years of industry experience, the Weev team's claim is: "We are here for you and understand your language."

"Our expertise is the foundation of trust which is the key to success in an industry based on human relationships. Our guiding principle focuses on understanding in detail the specific needs of our customers," says Chad Ellis, CSO of Weev.

Founded in 2018 as Digital Footwear Solution AG, by Wilhelm Mohlmann. Mr. Mohlmann financed the first version of the platform with his personal funds. His vision created the existing platform. Weev provides a best-in-class software platform that streamlines the entire workflow in the footwear and apparel industry, enables seamless collaboration among all stakeholders’ specialists and organizations, and makes it easy for designers, producers, and material experts to find and manage Digital Pattern Materials for every design and collection.

Weev seamlessly and expeditiously moves footwear and fashion from concept to reality.

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Joanne Stetson, CEO

+1 (510) 387-3481


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