The Weev Footwear and Accessories Network has been launched.

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Finally, a digital solution for the footwear creation process.

Weev connects brands and suppliers on a shared platform to make the creation process faster, more transparent, and more sustainable.

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Salesforce Boss Marc Benioff joins Weev.

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Weev was built for creative teams who turn concepts into products.

  • Material Managers

    Source with confidence, having complete transparency about materials and suppliers alike. Organize materials, drive projects to achieve your goals, and deepen working relationships.

  • Designers

    Find inspiration in the curated materials library, and use interactive tools to sample materials in real time. Effectively bring your designs to life and communicate your vision to the team.

  • Developers

    Close the gap between ideation and feasibility. Find sustainable materials and review comprehensive technical details to decide if they’re suitable for your specific project.

The Weev platform will optimize the way you take footwear from concept to reality.

With its robust database, best-in-class 3D data and visualization tools, and integrated collaboration capabilities, Weev connects and supports the entire material supply chain.

Get Inspired

Meet your new hub for research and inspiration.

See the latest innovations from your suppliers, and discover new ones. Compare materials with complete transparency — leaving no detail undisclosed. And use 2D and 3D tools to envision your creations.

Capture your vision

Create and organize mood boards collaboratively.

Weev’s mood board builder lets you add inspiration from anywhere. Create as many concepts as you want with any file types that work for your process. Showcase your vision, and invite others to collaborate in real time.

Collaborate seamlessly

Communicate more efficiently across the value chain.

Collaborate constantly and selectively through comments and messaging — with both your internal team and your suppliers. Easily communicate about any materials or ongoing projects.

Control with confidence

Establish digital processes that work best for your team.

Create projects with countless/specific folders, files, materials, and boards. Organize with flexibility, control permissions, and keep track of all project activity.

For suppliers

Weev is your digital trade show that never ends.

Create a beautiful, highly-organized digital showcase that’s visible to brands all over the world. Engage with interested buyers and get real-time, measurable feedback about how your products are performing. With a modern, digital approach, you can make more informed decisions, optimize production planning, and instantly share your latest innovations.

Let Weev digitize and optimize your workflow — so you can focus on redefining the future of footwear.

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More reasons to choose Weev

  • We've been in your shoes.

    As footwear and apparel industry veterans, we built Weev because we wish we had something like it. We know the frustrations that come from a complicated process, so we set out to make it easier.

  • Take trade shows to the next level.

    This business is still about relationships, and trade shows are critical. And with Weev, you can integrate your digital experience with your show experience.

  • Embrace sustainability and circularity.

    We believe in maximizing resources while reducing waste and time to market. Track every material and put this into practice. We seek out — and verify — suppliers who embrace this approach.

  • Privacy, security, and confidentiality.

    Have complete visibility and control processes, with no risk of external access from unknown parties. And conduct business with complete confidentiality, knowing that every relationship will remain secure.

  • Modernize with digital twin technology.

    Having digital versions of everything from your material library will help you speed up your process and keep track of every detail.

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