March 2022

WEEV Confirms that the WEEV Digital Platform will be Operational May 1st, 2022

Weev confirms the Launch of Second-Generation Digital Material Management Platform will be operational from 1st of May 22

After the successful implementation with selected Pilot partners over the last 9 month WEEV is launching the second generation of the platform focusing on expanded user experience and Collaboration functionalities, truly enabling the global teams and partners of Fashion brands work together seamlessly.

Some of our first trusted partners are:

  • Lamo Footwear
  • Brington Group of Hong Kong

Interest generated from the first phase of the platform's rollout resonated soundly with our current clients. The platform's foundation is solid, providing the following substantial benefits for its partners in the footwear, apparel, and leather goods industries:

  • Seamless and integrated cooperation and collaboration along the material value chain between internal teams and external partners provide a global collaboration base where fashion companies are usually siloed.
  • WEEV provides highly structured, robust material data along the value chain. Data housed on the Weev platform holds the source of transparency traceability and supports efficiencies in dynamically managing critical information. Weev provides material specifications in a globally recognized standardized means of delivering clients a single source of truth.
  • The state-of-the-art sourcing and search tools, designed by footwear and apparel industry experts, simplify the complexities and provide accessible pathways to contribute to your sustainable and transparency initiatives and future compliance legislation.
  • We provide analytics to evaluate activities and global trends, ensuring sharper and faster decision-making capabilities.
  • We deliver creative and inspirational tools to develop material colors and create customized mood boards.
  • We built practical and organizational tools to support qualifying, evaluating, and managing suppliers and materials.
  • Weev creates immediate cost efficiencies by connecting industry software such as PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) tools.

Furthermore, the WEEV Board is in close negotiations with IDD, Industria Del Design, Padova (one of the leading fashion design and innovation companies in the leather goods industry, with strategic brand partners such as:

  • Tommy Hilfiger
  • Calvin Klein
  • PVH Group

This collaboration with the leading Fashion Design and Innovation Hub, IDD, and WEEV will provide complete design and product creation services to our customers at a very competitive cost as a turnkey operation.

In the next step, Weev will be supporting the new tools which will allow the integral management of all 3D and dynamic content assets within the product creation process of the fashion and Fast-Moving Consumer Goods(FMCG) industry.

Additionally, the business model will expand the subscription services to factories and agents, building new tools to enable further collaboration, transparency, and efficiencies along the supply chain. Brands and suppliers will interact and work seamlessly from creation to production.

As most FMCG players are global organizations with many roles and partners in different places with a wide sourcing footprint, Weev is perfect for connecting all these activities, facilitating the management on one side, and delivering tangible results for the bottom line of the organizations.

While many companies in the fashion industry are slow to adapt to the digital revolution, Weev has the state-of-the-art tools to enable and support the digital transition in the industry step-by-step, wherever they may be on their digital journey.