January 2024

WEEV AG: Pioneering Innovation Globally with Chinese Partnership

 WEEV AG: Pioneering Innovation Globally with Chinese Partnership

Pioneering Cross-Border Collaboration: Weev AG's Venture into the Chinese Market Marks a New Epoch in Digital Innovation in the leather goods industry.

19 January 2024- Weev AG, a trailblazer in digital solutions for the materials industry, is making waves as it heralds a new era of innovation with its latest milestone – a groundbreaking partnership with prominent Chinese client HAOFA. This strategic collaboration marks Weev's foray into the Chinese market, a momentous achievement as the company secures its first client in China.

Over the past sixty days, Weev.one has demonstrated its commitment to revolutionizing the leather goods and shoe supply chain through a successful trade show circuit and a dazzling debut launch party at Lineapelle Fair, Milan, Italy, on September 19th.

Unveiling a Strategic Partnership in China

The pinnacle of Weev's recent achievements lies in the establishment of a strategic partnership with a major Chinese client, marking the company's inaugural venture into the vast and dynamic Chinese market. The collaboration represents a significant milestone for Weev AG as it solidifies its presence in Asia and underscores the global appeal of the WEEV platform.

Weev’s new client Jinjiang HAOFA Shoe Material Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as HAOFA) is a comprehensive manufacturer involved in R&D, production, sales, and services. The company specializes in various materials such as special leather, shoe materials, luggage leather, decorative leather, artificial leather, and processing and compounding. These products find applications in shoe materials, apparel, bags, high-end electronic products' peripheral accessories, decorative materials, and more.

HAOFA's clientele is diverse, ranging from brands managing their procurement and design independently to those delegating control to shoe factories. Notable collaborations include DISNEY, BARBIE, FILA, and SKECHERS. HAOFA values direct

and robust communication with brands or their design teams, especially those with decision-making authority. This approach facilitates efficient discussions between specialized material experts and designers regarding design and material utilization.

This preference underscores HAOFA's interest in collaborating with Weev, aiming to empower them to operate independently, take a front-facing role, and engage directly with their customers. Ms. Qin WANG, International Market Director of Jinjiang HAOFA Shoe Material Co., Ltd., expresses genuine enthusiasm for the strategic partnership with Weev AG. The innovative spirit of Weev AG aligns
seamlessly with HAOFA's core values, and Ms. WANG extends gratitude to Weev for introducing an innovative operational model and enhancing opportunities for closer customer interaction.

Weev.one remains at the forefront of digital transformation within the shoe and leather goods industry. The collaboration with our esteemed Chinese client reinforces our dedication to fostering global partnerships and driving innovation on an international scale. This strategic move is a testament to the versatility and adaptability of the Weev platform, which continues to resonate with companies worldwide.

As Weev AG looks ahead, this significant milestone propels us into a new chapter of growth and influence within the global materials landscape. For further information on this groundbreaking partnership or to explore the transformative capabilities of the Weev platform, please contact us at f.herdieckerhoff@weev.one or visit our website at www.weev.one.

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