May 2022

Weev is honored to announce that Jeff Dougherty has joined the Executive team as Sr. Vice-President of Global Sales.

Dougherty brings his industry expertise in overseeing iconic brands such as Wolverine, Deckers, Timberland, Ariat, Cole Haan, LL Bean, and Nike. His love of footwear and the ideology of sourcing the right components for footwear and apparel brands have allowed Jeff to live on three continents in the last four decades. China, Vietnam, and Cambodia were among the top countries in which his expertise flourished. He attributes this success in the factories to understanding their cultures, perspectives, and needs. His charismatic interpersonal approach has allowed him to assimilate into the factories and initiate new programs and standards for brands. He said he had forged friendships and relationships that are still active today.

Jeff understands the need for the Fashion Industry to reduce its carbon footprint. Sustainability, circularity, and change are topics he is passionate about discussing. He feels, “Weev AG is the vehicle that will offer this change.”

“The digital transformation is here, and we need to embrace it for our industry and reconsider a faster, more efficient way of conducting business.” He believes the days of leather binders are gone, and digital tools can expedite and speed up the sourcing and design process. “The capabilities of the Weev platform are exceptional, and the 3D capabilities and Digital twins astonished me. All that is missing is the leather smell, and he laughs that it is on his “to-do” list.

“The Weev capabilities are endless and thrilled to be part of a team with no boundaries or ceilings. The team’s vast knowledge excites me, and I am ready to jump in.”

Please get in touch with Jeff Dougherty to explore the capabilities of the Weev platform and how his team can bring your digital success and understanding to the next level. We are excited to welcome our colleague, Jeff Dougherty, to the Weev team. Stay tuned for more updates.