April 2024

Curtidos Bengala joins the Weev Platform

Weev is thrilled to welcome Curtidos Bengala, 2nd generation, family-owned business with 40 years of excellence in leather tanning, as the latest member of the Weev Platform. Based in Leon, Mexico, Bengala has carved a niche in the footwear, apparel, and accessories industry, earning accolades for its unparalleled quality leather and the dedication of its workforce. Curtidos Bengala specializes in tanning bovine leather, predominantly sourced within Mexico and supplemented with hide imports from the United States. Bengala has set the gold standard for waterproof leather in the industry.

Lee Iwan, International Business Development, asserts he doesn’t feel any tannery has a “better waterproof leather than Bengala.” This innovation forms the cornerstone of their product line, high-performance leathers, work boots, and western boots. Beyond its durability and water resistance, Bengala’s top-quality leather is also celebrated for its sustainability and higher market value, especially in waterproof leather products.

The 2nd generation family-owned enterprise prides itself on blending tradition with cutting-edge technology. The Bengala team are problem solvers. One of their best strategies for receiving new business is the ability to problem solve for their customers, and their technology is more advanced than that of the other factories in Leon. “We expect growth in the future will come from new leather tanning technologies, compliance with all socal/environmental requirements and the use of new applications like Weev that allow designers to work directly with the tannery R&D and production teams to develop new leather concepts”.

Curtidos Bengala commitment to excellence is further underscored by its Gold rating from the Leather Working Group across its four facilities in Leon, Mexico. The company’s strategy of maintaining a boutique orientation and direct collaborations with brands and designers has fueled its growth and sustained success, attracting new business relationships.

Lee Iwan expresses enthusiasm about the collaboration and synergy between Curtidos Bengala and Weev, particularly valuing Weev’s scanning as the industry’s best. He believes in embracing technology through platforms like Weev to enhance our capabilities and align with the Bengala vision for innovation and excellence.

We warmly welcome Curtidos Bengala to the Weev family, anticipating a future of mutual growth and continued success in setting new standards for innovation in the leather industry.