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Industria Del Design

Industria Del Design is the leading design house in Italy.

Industria Del Design Industria Del Design is the leading design house in Italy. IDD provides customers innovative solutions in a confidential environment. Design, Innovation, Prototyping, and Sourcing are the key markers that make IDD a global fashion design house.

Design, Partnerships, Collaborations, Style, Digital Innovation, Footwear

We're excited to celebrate the partnership between Weev and IDD. IDD is one of the most important creativity and innovation hub in the footwear industry, collaborating with leading global brands. Materials play a pivotal role in our product development, and Weev digital platform streamlines this process by connecting all stakeholders in the product development chain, focusing on structured communication, time efficiency, and selecting the right materials at the best quotation. Based on my global sourcing experience, I firmly believe that Weev will take the footwear and fashion industry to the next level, fostering economic viability and sustainability efficiently.
Gianni Ceccato,Senior Executive Vice-President & Global Sourcing, IDD

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    Polo Sourcing

    Polo Sourcing is the leading production house for footwear manufacturing

    Polo sourcing is a global leader in shoe manufacturing. Collaborating and partnering with Weev will benefit their business with digital innovation, sustainability, and speed to market.

    Footwear, Footwear Production, Footwear Design, Design, Manufacturing, Speed to market, Sustainability

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    Vizoo is visionary for material scanning and digital solutions

    Vizoo is the leading market innovator for material scanning and digitization solutions for the footwear industry. Vizoo provides technology, know-how and support for material digitalization.

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