One team. 150+ years experience.

Our experiences in the footwear industry have shaped our drive to create a better way of working. While we embrace digitization, this is still a relationship-based business, and people are at the heart of meaningful change. They need the right tools to be more collaborative and efficient — impact their organizations and our world significantly.

  • Szilard Szurdok

    Founder & Chairman of the Board

    Szilard believes in the future, “Weev will be the NFT in the metaverse in the supply chain.”

  • Joanne Stetson

    Co-Founder & CEO

    Joanne’s passion for sustainability and making the world a better place is the driving force at Weev. “Weev is transforming the way the footwear industry works to improve speed, sustainability, efficiency and reduce our carbon footprint.” 

  • Daniel Tschuemperlin

    Co-Founder & Brand and Business Development

    Daniel brings his vast knowledge and experience of brand design, marketing, and passion to the Weev Team to elicit change and transformation in the footwear industry. Dani's drive is for innovation in the footwear industry; he feels he can contribute to future solutions by “digitizing activities along the value chain and product creation process.”

  • Frank Meyer

    Mgr. Technical Partners & Services

    Frank oversees the scanning, 3D design, and onboarding process for the Weev's customers. With his three decades of industry expertise, Frank's goal is to bring new technologies to Weev's customers and feels strongly the Platform will be the cutting edge of technology for the footwear industry. He feels very strongly that the Weev Platform is the future and companies who become customers on the Platform will be on the cutting edge of technology for the footwear industry.

  • Chris Hillyer

    Global Business Development

  • Fabian Herdieckerhoff

    Senior European Consultant

  • Marc Fiebach

    Head of Business Development EMEA

  • Na Geng

    Director of Sales Operations, China

  • Roger Franz Wilfinger

    Weev Board Member

  • Tilo Jaehn

    Group CTO

  • Gustav Wypych